Contract Process (To Rent)
Step 1

 Contact a reliable real estate agency to get more information on available properties.

Union Properties provide a free consultation to help our client to find their ideal property.
~Welcome to walk in to our office.
Enquiry by call, fax, and email is also available.
*Providing basic requirement of you in advance and the agent will put effort to fulfilling your request.
2)preference property type,
4)quantity of bedrooms
Step 2

 The agent will provide few suitable properties for your choices and make all the arrangements for viewings for the property you are interested.

*Please keep in mind that there may be time restrictions for properties that are not vacant or are managed directly by the owner. Not only should you check the sun light, and the lay out but there will be several questions that will arise when you actually see the property.
Please do not hesitate to ask your agent; we are there to answer.
Step 3

 Once you want to confirm and reserve the property, inform your agent. You will need to fill up option letter to (rent / purchase) and pay a deposit for at least one month rental to reserve the property .

Step 4

 Your agent will help you to handle the tenancy or purchase agreement document. Once you have reached an agreement with the owner, you will need to review the draft of the tenancy or sale & purchase agreement All document will most often be in English and will be signed under Malaysian law.

*Please have all necessary documents ready to submit at the time the tenancy agreement is signed.(such as: identity card and company registration license)

*Upon the tenancy or sale & purchase agreement has been signed, please process the necessary payments, (1 month rental deposit+ 2 months advanced rental+ utilities deposit+ stamping fee / balance deposit of 10% down payment)
Step 5

 Inventory check accompany by your agent will be done upon hand over. After the checking, you will get the key and allow moving anytime under your own arrangement.