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Study on Malaysia-Singapore link almost complete
2013-02-25 09:13:09


The study evaluating the viability of the Malaysia-Singapore high-speed train service from financial and technical perspective is nearing completion, according to the Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD).

Aside from looking into the preferred structure and project economics, the feasibility study also assessed the project’s potential development paths as well as its socio-economic impact. Market research was conducted to assess the mega project’s revenue potential and bottom-up costs based on a preliminary design as well as its impact on other modes of transport.

The agency has engaged stakeholders at the state and federal levels with the public and private sectors. The feedback gathered from the consultation has been refined and tested against international case studies, and were later modified by technical experts based on varying needs and conditions.

To ensure that the high-speed rail project will catalyse spillover developments as it did in other countries, the Malaysian government plans to have a structured plan at the hub level. This will not only result to greater socio-economic benefits, but to more economic activities as well.

Notably, the mega project will offer two kinds of services — transit and express.